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About New Life Nutrition...

​​ New Life Nutrition ​​​​

Mary Trombley,

Mary is a Registered Nurse and an Applied Clinical Nutritionist. She has a background in nursing, health education, and personal training. Her passion is to combine her knowledge from nursing and nutrition to educate and guide clients to wholeness and healing. Mary utilizes muscle-testing and functional nutritional counseling as well. She stays up to date on current information through continuing education courses, mentorship, and seminars. 

 ​​ About Our Providers...​ 

Angela Baird, CN


Angela is a licensed Certified Nutritionist with over 10 years of experience. As a Certified Nutritionist, she is a nationally-registered nutritionist who has completed a rigorous course in nutritional study and stays current on research through personal study, mentorship and through the latest nutritional seminars.  Angela utilizes muscle-testing and functional nutritional counseling. She is passionate and dedicated to helping clients discover new life through nutrition. 

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Our Mission

At New Life Nutrition, our mission is simple: to provide whole person care through whole food supplementation and nutritional coaching.

Our Pledge

At New Life Nutrition, we pledge to treat you, our client, with respect and individual attention while maintaining confidentiality and trust.

New Life Nutrition is dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal health and nutrition through whole food supplementation and nutritional coaching. Optimal health can be achieved through effective nutritional remedies and natural health protocols. New Life Nutrition offers health and wellness counseling using the principles of health and good nutrition to guide clients to improved health and vitality.

Many health issues have an underlying, undiagnosed or undetermined nutritional root cause. Where traditional medicine may fail to treat symptoms or address nutritional deficiencies, New Life Nutrition offers an alternative approach. New Life Nutrition offers clients a customized whole-health plan and integrated nutritional practice. Our practice is designed to help clients achieve health and wellness through clinical testing, assessment, and lifestyle change protocols clinically proven to support optimal health by evaluation of existing medical problems or health concerns, individual physiology, and metabolic and hormonal function not typically evaluated from a nutritional perspective in modern medicine.

New Life Nutrition provides you with a thorough nutritional assessment and evaluation rarely provided by traditional models of healthcare. When traditional medicine has failed or fails to address an underlying health issue, New Life Nutrition offers healthy, natural solutions through improved and appropriate nutritional support.

YOU can discover a New Life through Nutrition!